June 12, 2023

Leap into the Future of Valuation Modernization with Value Acceptance

The future of the appraisal industry is clearly led by technology and data. As Valuation Modernization expands, learn what trends matter.

Leap into the Future of Valuation Modernization with Value Acceptance

As technology reshapes every corner of the real estate sector, Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) can't afford to lag behind. Valuation Modernization, spearheaded by Fannie Mae's innovative Property Data Collection initiative, marks a new era for property valuation. It's here that Value Acceptance LLC steps in, offering a technologically advanced solution to AMCs and lenders. Embracing the very latest in Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Value Acceptance app brings efficiency, accuracy, and convenience to your property data collection and reporting needs.

Value Acceptance: The Forefront of AR and AI Integration in Valuation

Compatible with the revolutionary Vision Pro headset from Apple, Value Acceptance is the first app of its kind, allowing Property Data Collectors to utilize either an iPad Pro or the Vision Pro headset to compile Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac data in record time. By incorporating AR, the data collection process becomes seamless and user-friendly, prompting the user to capture photos, document upgrades or deficiencies, or automatically measure room sizes. This may sound like Iron Man and you aren’t wrong!  

Further, our intelligent AI assistant, VA Assist, aids users in making informed decisions in real-time. Photos are evaluated for condition and quality under the Universal Appraisal Dataset standards. But the AR and AI features of the Value Acceptance app go beyond this, offering a suite of functionalities we invite you to discover firsthand.

Stay Competitive with Value Acceptance

In an industry where giants like ICE and Black Knight dominate - following their acquisition of Collateral Analytics and a strategic partnership with - staying competitive can be challenging. While these big names may resemble the Ford Motors of the Valuation Modernization landscape, we at Value Acceptance liken ourselves to Tesla. We're not only keeping pace with industry developments, but actively pushing the boundaries with our AR and AI tech capabilities.

Avoid being left behind in the Valuation Modernization race. Partner with Value Acceptance today, and secure your place in the future of property data collection and reporting. The benefits of having your own app and Property Data Collection solution far outweigh the risks of stagnation.

Remember, whether it's Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Home Loans, or the newest hybrid appraisals, staying updated is crucial. Fannie Mae's recent article emphasizes the importance of clear property valuation method disclosures. It's time to move forward and embrace the future of valuation with Value Acceptance.

What next?

For AMCs and Lenders eager to upgrade their property data collection capabilities and remain competitive in an ever-evolving market, get in touch with us at Value Acceptance. Discover the potential of the latest AR and AI technology in transforming your Property Data Collection process. Embrace the era of Valuation Modernization, and together, let's redefine the standards of the industry.

Wesley McCombe

Wesley McCombe


Wes is passionate about helping lenders, property industry professionals and valuers leverage the changes to the valuation industry.